DSC_0014Welcome to This Vegan Girl!

Fleegle, my cockatiel, is very pleased that you’re here.

If you’re new to the blog, I recommend that you check out some of my favorite recipes:

Something for breakfastGluten-Free Pancake BitesDSC_0042



DSC_0037Something for lunchPortobello Sandwich with Spicy Garlic Mayo



DSC_0026Something for dinner: The Best Vegan Mac ‘n Cheese!



DSC_0137Something for dessert: Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies




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  1. Doris Lewis
    April 5, 2017

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    April 5,2017
    This Vegan Girl I submitted a comment, when I hit the submit button I got a message saying that I submitted twice. So what I am trying to find out from you is did you receive my comment? If you would be so kind as to let me know that you got it. I have a new mouse and it drives me crazy!!
    Thank you.

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